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Getting Started: learn the fundamentals of fishing here

Fishing can be as complex or simple as you want it to be. You can settle on a set of basic tools that will work adequately to the type of fishing you are doing or you can enter into an endless process of refinement and improvement. That’s part of the beauty of fishing! Our Getting Started series starts you out on the “easy” end of the spectrum. Follow Small Waters Fishing, and graduate to higher level tackle and techniques at your own pace.

As you will soon find out, we don’t start with the basic rod, reel and line set-up because you probably have a rod and reel that you will probably try before you go out and buy anything new.

Common sense tells you that this bobber (actually a cooler in Halloween disguise) too big for bluegill, but the truth is that many anglers use bobber sizes and bobber styles that are ill-suited to the task at hand.

Instead, we  start with a very simple hook, line, sinker and bobber rig that will enable anyone to go out and catch a fish!

And rather than preach to you on what you should do, we start with five things you should NOT do in Five reasons we don’t catch fish . When you catch fish while others down the bank don’t, you’ll understand our reasoning.

But don’t worry about that tackle setup if it doesn’t work out well! We’ll provide all the information you will need for assembling rod, reel and line for freshwater fishing later in this Getting Started series as well as in our Outfit Matches and Misfits.

Our Getting Started lessons:

Lesson One: “Hook, line, sinker…and bobber”/”Five reasons we don’t catch fish.”

Lesson Two:  Aberdeen Hooks