New Products


New Product!

Rapala Rippin’ Rap

What started out as a “price point” bait between the premium Clackin’ Rap and original Rattlin’ Rap may have turned out to be much more!


Rapala’s Rippin’ Rap is a thin-walled plastic hardbait stuffed with rattling BBs, available in 5-, 6- and 7-cm sizes. The third lipless crankbait from the Finland-based lure maker following the Rattlin’ Rap and Clackin’ Rap (see Birth of Clackin’ Rap), the Rippin’ Rap casts far and runs true.

One perceived disadvantage of lipless crankbaits is that fish gain leverage and throw them relatively easily. “One of the first things Rapala did was go to a smaller treble hook,” explained Mark Fisher, Rapala director of field promotions. The smaller hook will stick when the fish starts slapping around. A larger hook will actually deflect and bounce off.”        –-MP

(For more info – SEE “Lipless Crankbaits go deep”)


New Product!

Northland’s Live Forage Rippin’ Shad

Northland's Rippin Shad

The Rippin’ Shad is part of Northland’s Replica Series, which uses a proprietary technology that transfers photo images of prime prey species onto the baits to mimic their appearance accurately. (Last year, Northland used the technology on its spoons and blade baits.) A flat head design influences the tight wiggling action on the “rip.” The weighted rattle chamber delivers a quick fall and sonic vibration.  Another twist is that the bait takes a different path on each drop, creating erratic action and drawing fish from a broad radius. Introduced first to ice anglers, Northland will offer it for open water angling, too, this season.  (SEE “Lipless Crankbaits for Ice Anglers” for more info)


New Product

Berkley Havoc Devil’s Spear

 NEW PRODUCT! Berkley Havoc Devil’s Spear designed by Mike Iaconelli.  The Devil’s Spear is the most original lure design in the Havoc Line-up. Ike designed it as a flippin’ bait to work in heavy cover but fellow Havoc pros discovered other uses for it, including as a trailer on swimming jigs.FOR MORE INFO See “Post Spawn Sand Pit Bass”. and  Mike Iaconelli’s videoMike Iaconelli’s video.

New Product!

Berkley Havoc Bottom Hopper is a soft plastic worm designed for shaky head fishing.

Berkley Havoc - The Deuce

NEW PRODUCT! Berkley Havoc “The Deuce” designed by Gary Klein. “I made the leading edge of the tails thin and the back sides thick, reversing the traditional way of making the double-tail grub,” explains Gary Klein. “That gives it more tail movement at a slower speed than any other twintail on the market.” Watch the tails work even when the bait is crawled along the bottom as a trailer to a football jig. Klein also lengthened the body. FOR MORE INFO “See Carolina Sand Pits”

Bobby Lane opted for thicker claws with more realistic and tantalizing action for his crawfish imitation. The ribbed body and thin legs produce additional action and water displacement. The bait can be worked alone as a flippin’ bait or used as a jig trailer.   For more info see Bobby Lanes Video in Carolina Sand Pits


New Products from Jackall

ASKA 60SR – Japanese lure designers convinced American anglers that their lures were worth their price tags by ironing out long-standing annoyances and perfecting every detail of their creations. Seiji Kato andthe Jackall team excel in this game of “advancing perfection.” And perhaps no lure illustrates the point better than the ASKA 60SR crankbait! Five years and 100 prototypes in the making, this silent squarebill crankbait features a fiberglass circuit board lip that displaces more

water than other squarebills and adds to the wobble and roll of this narrow-bodied bait. They’ve even redesigned the belly hook attachment to virtually eliminate tangles on the cast. And it has no rattles. Quiet! Please! FOR MORE INFO on Jackall New Products, See Jackall Lipless Crankbaits.


So real!

Jackall Clone Gill – The “carbon copy of what bass love to eat” made its American debut at ICAST 2011 under the rubric “Clone Gill,” and it’s now ready to storm the market. The eight-member product line of 2.5-inch plastic baits in a classic sunfish shape consists of four bluegill, a baby bass, black crappie, and two shad finishes. Jackall recommends fishing these realistic baits on a drop shot or round jig head.

 Perfect Clone

Jackall Clone Fry – The eight-products in this line of realistic three-inch plastics feature an elongated baitfish shape (something like emerald shiners or silversides). The color patterns includefive shad finishes, ghost minnow, baby bass and orange belly bluegill. Naturalistic eyes and color patterns look real to both fish and fishermen. These are gorgeous soft plastics! They were designed to fish on a dropshot or round jighead, but I’ll be trying them on a Neko rig as well!

“Super” my Cross Tail

Jackall Super Cross Tail Shad – With its rudder tail and the quivering action of its soft hand-poured plastic, the Cross Tail Shad was already a deadly finesse bait before Jackall decided to upscale it with realistic eyes and natural detailed finishes. The
new and improved Super Cross Tail Shad borrows some of the finishes of the Jackall Super PinTail, another deadly finesse bait. They have had this bait available in the Japanese market for several years. I’m glad they’re ready to share it. Lake Michigan smallmouth loved it this summer!


Uncle Josh brings home the“Meat”

Love pork baits but hate the jars and juice? Uncle Josh has cracked the code with its new MEAT series of baits. These soft pork baits, which come in leech, minnow, crawler, frog, ‘beaver,’ and craw varieties, are easy to carry, easy to store and easy to handle.  Instead of jars filled with liquid, MEAT baits come in resealable plastic pouches akin to those your favorite plastic baits come in. The Uncle Josh clan claims the baits will stay fresh for up to twoyears even after you’ve opened the bags.

“We’ve taken the skin off these baits, so they are softer and go on and off the hook more easily,” explained Uncle Josh marketing director, Matt Bichanich at ICAST 2011. Just keep that bag of baits sealed, and your Uncle Josh promises that they will last!

 New Products!             

Uncle Josh Meat Craw

Uncle Josh MEAT Beaver

Uncle Josh MEAT FrogUncle Josh Meat Craw