Mission Statement

We believe that small waters offer the key to the future of fishing and the future of the fishing industry!


Our mission is:

To introduce and reawaken you to the great fishing in overlooked waters, including many near your home!

To help bring more people – young and old – into the sport of fishing

To keep anglers fishing through these hard economic times

To provide vital tips on small waters management including tools and practices that will keep fish populations healthy, balanced and thriving.

To demonstrate that you can catch an abundance of quality fish without expensive watercraft and to introduce anglers to high-quality, economical alternative watercraft that allow you to tap angling opportunity in waters small and large.

To bring the expertise of the biggest names in the sport to help you with your everyday fishing through videos, feature articles, and other multi-media presentations.

To introduce you to a wide assortment of tools and techniques to expand your access to and ability to fish an abundance of waters, many of which get minimal angling pressure.

To help you understand and dissect the different types of small waters you encounter including farm ponds, quarries, natural lakes, draw pits, strip mines, drainage and development ponds, mill ponds, canals, creeks and rivers, deep mineral mines, backwater lakes, and all varieties of impoundments (reservoirs) and to portions of big waters easily fished by the average angler.

To provide firsthand small waters experiences on specific types of small waters during specific seasons and conditions to help you crack the code of small waters anywhere.

To introduce you to little known privately owned small waters destinations with some of the best fishing in the world.

Author Mike Pehanich holds up a 10.5-pound bass from GSO.To introduce areas and destinations with outstanding angling opportunity on waters small and large.

To introduce the traveling angler to compact gear and accessories and to offer travel options that will broaden angling opportunities.

To show the carryover benefits of small waters fishing to solving fish-catching puzzles on waters of any size, anywhere!

Ron Urick knows the big bass potential of small waters.

And, of course, to help you catch more and bigger fish, period!