Torqeedo motor mounts for kayaks

Torqeedo motor mounts for kayaks

Mar 6, 2018

Multiple motor mount options available for Torqeedo Ultralight motors

Thinking of adding a Torqeedo Ultralight 403 lithium battery-powered electric motor for the KBF National Championship this month or the 2018 season? Here’s a list of mounting options and where to get them!

The Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship, powered by Torqeedo, comes to Paris, Tennessee, on March 23-24, 2018. Its $100,000 first-place prize has raised goose bumps across the fishing world.

Credit the growth of kayak tournament angling to the lightning-fast evolution of fishing kayaks. Kayak manufacturers, accessory developers and anglers themselves have all pushed the pace of development. And the tools they have developed no doubt will factor heavily into angler success on the sprawling bass-filled waters of 160,300-acre Kentucky Lake and 58,000-acre Lake Barkley come tournament time.

Torqeedo’s lightweight lithium-powered Ultralight 403 motor has sparked much of that change by compressing the time it takes kayak anglers to survey new water or reach a remote backwater. The motor makes it easier to maintain boat position on a windy ledge or to hop waypoints while hunting the hot bite, all the time providing the angler with added safety and propulsion options as well.

Torqeedo recently introduced the Ultralight 403C kayak motor, identical to its predecessor in design but boasting a 915 watt hour lithium battery. It offers 2.85 times the range and runtime of 403s powered by the original 320 watt hour battery, (See rebate offer).

The means to mount!

Among the first questions Torqeedo kayak motors prompt are: “How do I mount one on my craft?”

Multiple mounts are now available for Ultralight 403 installation, a topic addressed by KBF founder Chad Hoover in a February Kayak Bass Fishing Live session.

Torqeedo Ultralight Ball Style Mount – You can install Ultralight 403 motors on most kayaks with the mounting ball that comes with the motor. It is designed for easy installation, and it allows for the full trim, depth and distance adjustments required to achieve maximum speed. Note: Matt Trucks provides great step-by-step video and photo feature instruction on Torqeedo motor installation on The Plastic Hull website

Ask around!

The best way to research your mounting options is to search “Ultralight” on YouTube or join the “Torqeedo Ultralight Owners” Facebook Group and see installs on a variety of kayaks.

Someone, somewhere has successfully mounted the motor on your kayak model – and is anxious to tell you about it! Accessory manufacturers and independent garage shops are other sources of aftermarket mounts.

B & C Power Yaks ( ) – This Palm Harbor, Florida-based maker of custom kayak trolling motor mounts and accessories offers a patented universal motor mount made for the angler. The angler can install and remove it without tools. B&C promises service and satisfaction.

Sandy Point Progressive Sports –This Florida outdoor specialty retailer, with shops in Daytona and Miami, makes and markets its own custom mounts for Torqeedo motors. Contact Jim DeSilva ( )

B&C Power Yaks mount for Torqeedo Ultralight 403

Kevin Dismuke of KD Kayak Motor Mounts designed this mount for the Ultralight 403

KD Kayak Motor Mounts (Kevin Dismuke) – Kayak angler Kevin Dismuke has designed a sturdy aluminum trolling motor mount with steering mechanism. He offers retractable and stationary anchor pole options as well. (See Kevin Dismuke’s Kayak Motor Mounts Facebook page)

Hobie Evolve – The Evolve motor, which Torqeedo developed with Hobie, will fit directly in the MirageDrive portal in Hobie kayaks. Hobie’s Evolve also includes mounting hardware for a Twist and Stow rudder mount. Check out Hobie Evolve

Wilderness System Helix Motor Drive – The Torqeedo partnership with Wilderness Systems produced the Helix MD Motor Drive, a complete motor and mount system that weighs only 15 pounds. It integrates easily into all compatible Wilderness Systems kayak models and delivers a top speed up to 6 mph. It has a range of 20 miles or up to eight hours of operation. See Chad Hoover’s video on the Helix MD. See Chad Hoover’s video on the Helix MD

Torqeedo Ultralight 403 motors are lightweight and feature a stepless electronic throttle with onboard real-time computer display of battery charge status, speed, input power and remaining range. All offer key-to-throttle safety feature and Torq Trac Bluetooth wireless connection between the onboard computer and Apple and Android smartphones.


$100 off Rebate offer!

Members of Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) will receive a $100 rebate with the purchase of a Torqeedo Ultralight 403 or an Ultralight 403C model preorder. This rebate offer is good through April 15, 20018. Refer to the form listed on the Torqeedo Kayak Fishing Facebook page. Pre-order price on the Torqeedo Ultralight 403C (available in April) is $2,299.

Check, too, with your local kayak shop, which may offer its own motor mount options.

Coming in 2018

Torqeedo Stern Mount – The German engineers at Torqeedo are developing a mount that will enable craft to achieve highest speed and turning responsiveness. Rugged enough to handle a 1,000-watt motor, it fits the standard four-bolt pattern found on the stern of many kayaks and features full trim and depth adjustments on a frame that maximizes distance from the stern. The Torqeedo mount is designed for “quick-removal.” The design includes a “stow” feature to secure the motor on the kayak during transport. Release date not yet announced.

Yak Attack Motor Mount – A Torqeedo and YakAttack joint venture initially developed a prototype for an Advanced Integrated Mount. YakAttack now has assumed 100 percent control of product development. No date yet set for the improved version of the AIM.

Coming custom brand mounts

Torqeedo is working to develop mounting and steering solutions for craft made by NuCanoe, Kaku Kayak, Live Watersports, Bonafide, and others. New mount designs for Wilderness Systems and Hobie kayaks are also in the works.

Purchase back-up batteries!
Torqeedo 320 Watt hour batteries are available for $225 while supplies last. Call Torqeedo directly at 815-444-8806


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