Carp fishing

Carp fishing

Nov 30, 2014

The Carp Connection:

East meets West!

By Mike Pehanich

Few things fascinate me more than new tackle and techniques!

Last week, news that the innovative Japanese bait and tackle maker Marukyu had purchased Rig Marole, a maker of specialty terminal tackle for carp fishermen based in the United Kingdom, piqued my curiosity.

Marukyu is the largest marketer of hook and ground baits in Japan with many of its products targeted specifically at carp. With the acquisition of Rig Marole, Marukyu hopes to make fishing easier and more productive for carp fishermen everywhere!

Cork balls are the "artificials" of the carp world. They can be soaked in scent and attractants and fished like boils. And they suspend!

Now if you aren’t familiar with European carp fishing techniques, you are in for an eye- and mind-opening experience. Carp fishing for Europeans and the Japanese is nothing like the kind of bank fishing with a simple bobber or bottom rig that most Americans regard as classic “carp fishing.” The tackle and techniques are sophisticated and complex – right down to special bait formulations, electronic strike indicators, and the specialized drills and needles for thread-through application of hook to bait.

And you will find nothing ordinary about the bait either. Most carp anglers use a bait called a “boilie,” a hardened (but sometimes soft) ball-like mix of would-be food and fish attractant. Carp fishing aficionados rig them in such a way that the fooled carp is carefully hooked outside the mouth for easy and painless release.

Rig Marole’s tagline is “Finely Tuned Tackle,” and the phrase is apropos indeed!  The company designs most of its terminal tackle to make carp rigging easier.

“Rig Marole products save anglers a lot of time and effort in rigging boilies,” explained Munenori Kajiwara, director of Japan Import Tackle, exclusive distributor of Marukyu products in the United States.

Rig Marole products include:

Cork Balls – Carp anglers can go “artificial” by replacing a boilie with this cork ball, which can be soaked in a bait/attractant formulation.

Ready Tied Chod Rig– Normally carp fishermen use a Boilie Needle or small Boilie Drill to “hair-rig” a boilie or a similarly shaped scent-coated cork. The Ready Tied Chod Rig, however, is a leader rig with swivel on one end and, on the other, a snelled

The Ready Tied Chod Rig is a completed leader rig with a screw-in boilie attachment.

hook partnered with a tiny screw, called a “Bore Ring,” that enables the angler simply to screw the hook into a hard or soft boilie or an artificial cork or plastic bait.

Freefall Stop/Chod Beads – Similar to the beads that bass fishermen use with Carolina and Texas rigs to protect knots, chod beads protect line and leader integrity.

Other Rig Marole products include: Freefall Micro Tail Rubbers, Fast Change Swivel Clips, the Flexi Bore Rings, shrink tubing for specialized carp rigs and more. The line also includes drills, needles and other tools to aid anglers in boilie rigging.

Marukyu will continue to market the products under the Rig Marole name.

Carp anglers in the United States also will have access to the entire Rig Marole product line.  Dealers and other interested parties can call Japan Import Tackle ( ) Contact Munenori Kajiwara: Email ; Phone 909-913-4741

Lee’s Global Tackle ( currently carries the Rig Marole line along with other Marukyu products. Phone: 847-593-6424

The floating cork of the Chod Rig can provide advantage over conventional "boilies" when fishing over cluttered lake or river bottoms.

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