Techniques – Topwater

Techniques – Topwater

Sep 10, 2014

Rebel Topwater Tip

Caught by a feather!

 By Mike Pehanich

When fish need “a little extra convincing,” one small detail could make all the difference! On topwater baits, that tide-turning detail is often a feathered rear treble hook, like those found on the Rebel Pop-R, the signature lure of the dean of topwater fishing, Zell Rowland. In fact, you’ll find feathered tails on the entire Pop-R family from the two-inch Rebel Teeny Pop-R and the XCalibur Zell Pop to granddaddy counterparts like the Rebel Magnum Pop R,.

What is is so special about this subtle accessory, which looks more like a lady’s earring than a deadly fish attractor?

That feathered trailer on Rebel Pop-R and other topwater baits is more than just a trinket. As topwater expert Zell Rowland points out, "It breathes!"

“A feather is lightning fast in how it opens and closes,” notes Zell. With the slightest turn of the reel handle or movement of the water, the feather breathes and pulses!

Every topwater angler with the nerve to pause his bait for more than few seconds has experienced the reward of patience – a bass boiling on his seemingly motionless lure. What is often hidden from our view at those times are tiny baitfish that nestle in behind the bait, adding extra meat to the offering. Indeed, the breathing feathered trailer may itself resemble a tiny baitfish if not the undulating tail of a larger baitfish in its dying minutes.

“That feathered hook means a lot,” says Rowland. “I have always believed that if I am hesitating that bait even for a moment, I can almost make a fish bite it with that feathered trailer. A feather shuts down quickly on the twitch then starts to re-open as the bait is sitting there. It adds a lot of action without the angler doing anything.”

The Teeny Pop-R will draw strikes from the entire sunfish family, including bass, and any other predator looking upward.

Small details -- like the feathered trailer on a topwater bait -- make a difference! All members of the Rebel Pop-R family sport this flashy fish-catching add-on.

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