New Products – Nories Chibi Ebigaeru

New Products – Nories Chibi Ebigaeru

Jun 29, 2014

Chibi Ebigaeru improves upon the original

By Mike Pehanich

Nories, the premium lure line developed by Japanese bass legend Norio Tanabe, has a knack for delivering fascinating hybrid baits.

Now it has another in the Chibi Ebigaeru, a new, improved and slightly smaller 2.7-inch, 3/8-ounce (68mm, 11 grams) version of the original Nories Ebigaeru.

The Chibi Ebigaeru features the same "all-terrain" features of the original along with some fine-tuning, including improved buoyancy

The original Ebigaeru captured the excitement of Japanese anglers the moment that parent company Marukyu announced the bait’s addition to the Nories lure line-up. In fact, Ebigaeru was so hotly anticipated that it sold out prior to its initial manufacturing run in Japan.

It was a productive fish catcher, too, and last season, North American anglers embraced it as well.

The Nories product development team has fine-tuned the Ebigaeru concept with the Chibi. Only slightly smaller than the original, it features better buoyancy.

This soft hollow-bodied plastic bait is shaped like a shellfish, but it is worked like a popping frog. Tanabe successfully replicated the chugging/walking action of two of his chugging hardbaits, the Zag Bug and the Treju, with a popping frog-style soft bait. The custom-designed twin cradle-hook keeps the bait snagless even in wood and matted vegetation, yet it is strong enough to drag giant bass from the thickest jungle! Work it frog-like over the mats, then chug it like a popper or in “walk-the-dog” fashion in open alleys and pockets. This all-terrain bait pries bass from lairs other baits dare not go! Available in eight color combinations.


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