New Products – Nories Padtue

New Products – Nories Padtue

Apr 30, 2014

Nories introduces Padtue hybrid lure

By Mike Pehanich

Nories, the Japan-based marketer of premium hard and soft lures, has announced the release of its Padtue soft plastic hybrid finesse bait to the U.S. market.

Takahiro Yajima rode the Nories Padtue to a first place finish on April 6th at the TBS Gary International Cup in Japan.

“Padtue has captured a lot of attention among Japanese bass professionals,” said Munenori Kajiwara, director of Japan Import Tackle (, exclusive U.S. distributor of the Nories, Ecogear and Marukyu tackle lines of parent company Marukyu. “They are winning tournaments on this bait!”

Recent successes with the Padtue include Takahiro Yajima’s first place finish on April 6th, in the TBC Gary International Cup in Japan.

Norio Tanabe originated the Nories line of hard and soft baits. Some of the line's most successful recent introductions have been hybrid soft plastics like the Shrilpin, a bait that drew its inspiration from shrimp and sculpin, and the new Padtue, a cross between a tube and a paddle tail plastic. The bait is versatile, performing in a variety of finesse applications.

The 2.5-inch soft plastic has a tube body and broad horizontally positioned paddle tail. The versatile bait can be used in a variety of finesse presentations.

“This hybrid plastic matches well with a #2 S.S. Finesse Offset Worm 19 Hook from Decoy Hook, which was designed for this type of bait,” said Kajiwara. “Most are fishing the Padtue behind a 1.5 gram split shot weight, but some pros are also fishing it on a 1/16-ounce ballhead jig with a size #2 light wire hook.”

Creator of the Nories product line is Norio Tanabe, regarded by many as the “Father of Bass Fishing in Japan.” The products made their U.S. debut in the 2012 and 2013 seasons with such innovative concepts as Treju, a “bait-within-a bait” chugging topwater lure; the NF60 Frog, a hollow-bodied frog noted for its high hook-up ratio; Ebigaeru, a popping frog-style lure; and Shrilpin, a shrimp-sculpin soft plastic hybrid.

For more information on the Nories Padtue and the Nories, Ecogear and Marukyu product lines, contact Munenori Kajiwara, Japan Import Tackle, email:; 630-299-6508.

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