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Next generation jar baits improve on nature

By Mike Pehanich

 A new natural fish bait in the form of amino-acid-packed jelly pellets has taken “bait” fishing to a new level. Meet JPz!

If you thought that artificial lures have been getting the “high-tech” treatment lately, check out what’s happening in the bait category!

Marukyu, the largest maker of ground baits in Japan, has done Mother Nature one better with its development of JPz, a jelly-like pellet bait that boasts characteristics few baits made by Nature or man have had before.

They are:

  • “Hookable” — Because JPz is not a grain-based formulation, they do not crack and crumble on the hook point.
  • Versatile – Side hook ‘em, hair rig ‘em…you can even ‘sac’ ‘em.
  • Controlled attractant release – The baits release their natural fish-attracting ingredients slowly.
  • All-temperature – Warm water or cold, the baits keep working.

JPz baits are made from natural amino acids and packed in sturdy glass jars for long shelf life and are effective on a wide range of species including panfish, carp, and catfish. The four current varieties are:

  • JPz Ebi – Marukyu derives this salty red formulation from tiny marine crustaceans.
  • JPz Nori – These green pellets reflect their seaweed origins. Its select nutrients and amino acids have already accounted for record catches in the United Kingdom and are available in 6mm and 10mm sizes.
  • JPz Black – Newest in the line, JPz Black has a distinctive aroma that European match fishing anglers projected to be one of the hottest baits of the season.
  • JPz Tough – These hardened versions are made to stay on the line even on long distance casts and for use in Method moulds.

Marukyu’s JPz baits currently are available at Lee’s Global Tackle (

For additional information on Marukyu’s JPz and other Marukyu, Nories, and Ecogear lures, contact Munenori, Kajiwara at 630/299-6508.

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