Tackle & Techniques – Frog in Trees

Tackle & Techniques – Frog in Trees

May 12, 2013

Walk Your Frog in the Shade – like Bobby Lane!

By Mike Pehanich

Nothing like shade on a hot day!

That’s where Bobby Lane likes to take his frog for a walk.

One of the Bassmaster Elite pro’s favorite approaches on waters with an abundance of overhead cover along a relatively steep shoreline drop is to cast a hollow-bellied frog beneath the overhang and give it a rhythmic walk.


The key to the technique is to impart vigorous side-to-side walking action yet barely moving the frog forward.

When Bobby demonstrated this technique to me at VIP Adventures last season, three things impressed me:

1)   His ability to skip that frog deep under the cover of hanging wax myrtle trees with incredible accuracy cast after cast – and without backlash!

2)   How long and vigorously he could work the bait with his rod tip underneath the “awning,” and

3)   How many strikes on the frog we heard but never saw! Exciting stuff!

This “run in place” approach can draw the attention of bass and unwilling to leave the comfort of that canopy whether they are in post-spawn recovery, guarding fry, or just plain too lazy or stubborn to move.

Warning: Beware of backlash and tree frogs! Casting accuracy is a must! Study Bobby’s “round-house” cast and practice before you hit the water. And arm yourself with tackle suited to the task.

Tackle Tips: Don’t try to skip a frog under branches with a pool cue rod! Heed Bobby Lane’s advice on rod selection. Yes, frog fishing calls for a rod with backbone, but you will need tip action for the extreme casting accuracy and to enable you to “roundhouse” that frog into tight confines Bobby Lane style!

Bobby Lane gears up for froggin’

Bobby’s Frogging Tackle during our outing consisted of the following:

Rods:             Abu Garcia Verdict 7-6 (heavy action with extra fast tip), and

All-Star 7-1 Jig-Frog Rod (Bobby seemed to prefer this shorter rod for accurate casting under the limbs but used the Verdict for most of his frogging.)

Reel:             Abu Garcia Revo STX 7:1

Line:               Spiderwire Ultracast 50 lb.

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