Watercraft — Twin Troller X-10

Watercraft — Twin Troller X-10

Apr 15, 2013

Twin Troller X-10 a “game changer”

By Mike Pehanich

Every once in awhile, you come across a product that changes the game.

Two years ago, BASS founder Ray Scott called me regarding “The Porker” feature I had written for Bassmaster

Doug Lee, whose father designed the Twin Troller X-10, has a bass to show Frank Jones, Freedom Electric Marine president.

magazine. Ray has devoted a huge part of his business life to small waters fishing through his Ray Scott Legacy Lakes operation, which designs and manages lakes for high quality fishing. As usual, our conversation soon turned to small lake fishing, particularly at President’s Lake, his home water, which some have called the “best bass lake in America.”

“Man, you should see this new boat I’m fishing from here at home,” said Scott. “Don’t get me wrong, I love my bass boats. But for fishing small waters, this boat is something else!

Ray arranged a call for me, and months later I met with Freedom Electric Marine president Frank Jones and Doug Lee, whose father had designed the craft.

Doug demonstrated the boat in a test pool at the headquarters in Benson, North Carolina. Watching him maneuver in an oversized swimming pool was impressive, but how would it perform on the water?

The Twin Troller X-10 put me in position to take this largemouth bass from an irrigation lake in North Carolina.

We fished several irrigation lakes over the next couple of days, and I could see quickly what had captured Scott’s enthusiasm.

We launched our two Twin Trollers easily where no launch existed at all.

We fished dense moss along a flooded timber shoreline with artificial frogs, and the boat performed like a champ. With the help of a sonar unit, I was able to hold tightly to a breakline contour, which produced a 22.5-inch female largemouth recovering from her recent spawn.



Two-foot control

You can launch the Twin Troller almost anywhere, ramp or not!

The boat is powered by twin 36-pound thrust MotorGuide electric motors (72-pound total thrust) that are recessed and center-positioned in the hull. The two-pedal foot control device not only provides forward propulsion but enable you to maneuver left, right, forward, backward and even to spin the boat in a tight circle as if you were on a zero-radius lawn mower.

The shallow draft enables you to scoot into and through water few other boats can navigate.

Ray Scott was right. This boat is a game changer!

For more information on the Twin Troller visit the Freedom Electric website.   Small Water Fishing readers will receive $100 Discount by entering MP101 in the Coupon Code.   

We’ll revisit those sod irrigation lakes near Benson in upcoming SWF features and find out how Doug Lee and Frank Jones fish them. Stay tuned!

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