Tackle & Techniques – Swim Jig/Swimbait

Tackle & Techniques – Swim Jig/Swimbait

Dec 17, 2012

“Stream Stalker” Talks Swim Jigs and Swimbaits

By Mike Pehanich

Jonn Graham, a.k.a. the “Stream Stalker,” is a river rat whose specialty is finding and catching smallmouth bass from overlooked streams in America’s heartland.

One of his favorite weapons for smallies pairs a swim jig with a soft plastic paddletail-style swimbait.

In September, SWF tapped Jonn’s expertise with this deadly combination in “Swim Jig/Swimbait Combo Is a Quiet Killer.”

In this exclusive Small Waters Fishing video, the Stream Stalker, who is co-owner of Warrior Jigs, adds insight into selecting lure components along with tackle tips to fish it effectively.



For more information on swim jig fishing check out:

“Swim Jig/Swimbait Combo Is a Quiet Killer” with Jonn Graham and information on several swim jig/swimbait combinations.


“Ike on Swim Jigs” with Bassmaster Elite Series angler Mike Iaconelli providing tips on how to fish this underrated search bait!

For more information on Camp Smallmouth or Warrior Jigs, contact Jonn Graham at 309-399-7055; john@campsmallmouth.com


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