New Product — Nories Jaka Blade

New Product — Nories Jaka Blade

Dec 3, 2012

Nories Jaka Blade

What design elements could justify a “Cadillac” blade bait? Let’s see…lots of vibration…added flash…premium, durable finish? Sure, but what if you hang it up on the first cast? Norio Tanabe and his Nories design team addressed them all in the Jaka Blade.

As effective as it is handsome, the blade met every challenge in its first documented encounter with Great Lakes smallmouth as FLW pro and blade bait guru Scott Dobson, Munenori Kajiwara and I tested it on Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair this fall.

The Nories Jaka Blade traversed the rocky reefs of Lake Erie's western basin with ease, thanks to the up-riding dual hooks that have replaced the treble hooks of traditional blades.

Our first concern was how this premium-priced lure would stand up to blade-eating lake bottoms. We lost nary a one! In fact, none of us as much as snagged up on the rocky reefs of Lake Erie or St. Clair.

Back home, I put the Jaka Blade to serious test on a small stump-laden reservoir next – again without a hang-up.

The secret is in the up-riding twin dual hooks that have replaced the traditional pair of trebles. They enable this snag-resistant bait (hey, nothing is 100 percent snag-proof!) to ride up and over stumps, rock and most solid snags with ease.

In addition to the powerful pulse of this premium blade bait, you get the added flash of a revolving willow-style spinner blade.

The bait comes in three sizes (9-, 12- and 16-gram weights) with the larger 12- and 16-gram models in that ideal size range for blade-happy smallmouth! At this writing, Nories offers eight durable finishes. I suspect we’ll see more, too!

Note: After this post, SWF received word that Jaka Blade supplies have sold out in both the U.S. and Japan. They will be available again from Lee’s Global Tackle Connection in early 2013. Follow Small Waters Fishing for updates on the availability of this bait. 

Fish-attractive features of the Nories Jaka Blade include the extra flash of a swivel-riding willow blade and a sleek design that gives off powerful vibration. Its snag-resistant design allows an angler to fish it on treacherous rock or stump-filled bottoms with confidence, too

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