Pond Hopping – Erie Smallmouth

Pond Hopping – Erie Smallmouth

Nov 21, 2012

Erie Smallmouth Love “Cadillac” Blade Baits

Great Lakes smallmouth bass in late fall may be the most overlooked treasure in North American sportfishing.

I joined FLW pro Scott Dobson on the western basin of Lake Erie last week for a taste of this action.

Small Waters Fishing followers know Scott from our exclusive blade bait features and videos. The FLW pro may well be the best blade bait fisherman on the planet, and he did nothing to besmirch that reputation on this trip, leading us to 83 smallmouth bass in a day with several topping the five-pound mark.

Is Scott Dobson the best blade bait angler on the planet? Who knows for sure, but you can certainly take his word on the effectiveness of blade baits on cold water smallmouth to the bank!

It was a typical fall outing. Smallmouth had already edged to their wintering areas with many concentrated on 18 to 23-foot drop-offs.

We worked several relatively new blade baits on the trip: the Sebile Vibrato, the Nories Jaka Blade, the Ecogear VX blades, and the Johnson ThinFisher. Dobson liked the performance of all and that of the Jaka Blade and Sebile Vibrato in particular — calling the latter two “Cadillacs” of the blade klan.

Dobson’s love of “flash” extends even to his choice in conventional blade baits. His preference in the category-defining Silver Buddy line are hard-to-find Buddies with stainless steel blades.

The Nories Jaka Blade and Ecogear VX (available through¬†Lee’s Global Tackle)¬†are new to the U.S. market. The Ecogear VX earned its reputation with Australian bream anglers, but largemouth and smallmouth seem to like this handsome blade just fine!

We tested new blade baits including a pair that Dobson dubbed "Cadillacs" of the blade bait category. Here's one of my better fish of the day.

The Johnson ThinFisher, which has been dynamite on largemouth bass in inland lakes this fall, is a recent introduction from the revitalized maker of the Johnson Silver Spoon. Available currently in 3/16- and 1/4-ounce sizes, the ThinFisher line will boast a Great Lakes-ready 1/2-ounce blade this coming spring.

Scott Dobson and Joe Balog lay out the details of blade bait technique. See “Blade Baits for Cold Water Bass.”

Coming soon: more blade bait tips and videos from Scott Dobson and the “skinny” on the newest generation of the heavy metal clan!

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