New Products – Jackall Aska 50 & 70

New Products – Jackall Aska 50 & 70

Nov 14, 2012

Jackall Aska 50 and 70

The Jackall Aska 60SR was an instant hit in the U.S. as well as Japan, and it was one of the new products that Small Waters Fishing reported on in conjunction with our first “Japanese Connection” feature on Jackall earlier this year.

Here’s what we said about the Jackall 60 SR in that inaugural feature:

“Japanese lure designers convinced American anglers that their lures were worth their price tags by ironing out long-standing annoyances and perfecting every detail of their creations. Seiji Kato and the Jackall team excel in this game of “advancing perfection.” And perhaps no lure illustrates the point better than the ASKA 60SR crankbait! Five years and 100 prototypes in the making, this silent squarebill crankbait features a fiberglass circuit board lip that displaces more water than other squarebills and adds to the wobble and roll of this narrow-bodied bait. They’ve even redesigned the belly hook attachment to virtually eliminate tangles on the cast. And it has no rattles — an ideal choice for when pressured gamefish are whispering: “Quiet! Please!”

Jackall has built on the success of the 2.5-inch Aska 60SR with two new models: the Aska 50SR a smaller two-inch size; and the Aska 70SR, a larger three-inch squarebill.

The new Aska SRs will be widely available in 2013.

In the meantime, thanks to our work with sponsor Lee’s Global Tackle Connection, the Jackall Aska 60SR will be available to Small Waters Fishing readers at a $1 off discount using the discount code posted below. See why the Aska 60SR is one of the most talked about crankbaits of the year!

Click here to purchase Jackall ASKA 60SR, currently available at Lee’s Global Tackle Connection. Note: Small Waters Fishing viewers receive an additional $1.00 off on this limited time offer. Use discount code   SM_JkAska    at checkout. Discount offer runs from  11/11/2012 – 11/24/2012  only!

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