New Product – Spoon Tail Shad

New Product – Spoon Tail Shad

Nov 7, 2012

New Product

Nories Spoon Tail Shad

Norio Tanabe carried ambitious visual and hydrodynamic concepts into the design of the Spoon Tail Shad, beginning with the bait’s action.

Indeed, the secret to the “high pitch body and tail roll action” of this paddle-tail swimbait lies in the name itself – it’s spoon tail!

“It’s a unique shape not found in shad style lures,” explains Tanabe, a pioneering figure in Japanese bass angling. “The indented round tail adjusts to different levels of friction for the best action in all four sizes (4-, 4.5-, 5- and 6-inch).”

Nories Spoon Tail Shad has a mylar core that produces scale-like flash in the water.

The highly versatile bait may be fished on a jighead, swim jig, and weighted swimbait hook. Yet the bait’s standout qualities demonstrate best fished as Tanabe designed it to be fished — weedless with an unweighted hook. Fished on a steady retrieve at or near the surface, the rolling body and vibrating tail action are most pronounced. Rigged Texas-style without a weight, it also moves almost magically through cover.

The Spoon Tail Shad is also the central component in one of the hottest bass rigs in Japan today – the Buritoro Rig. (Read more about this in upcoming Small Waters Fishing posts.)

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“All my experience in developing shad lures has led me to this design,” Tanabe explained in a translated interview. “My goal was to make all sizes swim perfectly on a no sinker rig. After all, if the lure swims on an offset no sinker rig, it can be used on a Texas rig, jighead… almost any rig!”

What also impresses, however, is the bulging 3-D eye and multi-layer finish. A mylar core delivers a scale-like flash through the transparent outer layer. “The center laminate dual-layer construction creates a firm body, too,” adds Tanabe.

The Buritoro Rig, developed by a Nories pro angler, popularly employs the Spoon Tail Shad. It is one of the hottest rigs in Japanese bass fishing today.

A slotted back recesses the hook point to assist “weedlessness.”

The lure comes in eight highly realistic multi-layered finishes: silver shad, silver purple shad, albino orange (with yellow tinted outer layer), smoke orange, high visual chartreuse, rainbow ayu, pink ayu, green pumpkin shrimp.

Recommended hook sizes 6” – 5/0; 5“ 4/0; 4.5” – 3/0;  4” 2/0

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