New Product – Impulse Ribbon Worm

New Product – Impulse Ribbon Worm

Sep 20, 2012

New Product

Northland Fishing Tackle: Impulse Ribbon Worm

Last fall, I pond-hopped small natural lakes in the Chippewa National Forest near Bemidji, Minnesota, with Hall of Fame angler Duane Peterson.

Duane, who co-founded Northland Fishing Tackle with his brother John, began the day fishing the deep edge of vegetation for largemouth bass with a prototype of the Impulse Ribbon Worm on a Northland Lip-Stick Jig-Worm Jig. It wasn’t long before I had vowed to restore the venerable jig-worm combination to my tackle arsenal!

Hall of Fame angler Duane Peterson demonstrated the effectiveness of both the new Impulse Ribbon Worm and the venerable jig-worm technique on our outing in the Chippewa National Forest last fall.

Certainly the prototype worm had something to do with Duane’s display of jig-worm mastery. Northland, which just launched its Impulse line in 2012, wanted a “difference maker” in the new line of baits it had on the drawing board last year. It worked with scientists at Bemidji State University to develop what today Northland advertises as the “IMPULSE Instinctual Attractant,” a blend of fish-attracting substances that Bemidji State lab tests demonstrated to be “143 percent more effective than other leading brands,” according to the company.

Scent aside, this Impulse Ribbon Worm has a long, thin tail that undulates with tantalizing action at the slightest movement. For jigging, I like the way the flat face of the worm’s head matches up with the mushroom-style Lip-Stick Jig-Worm Jig, too.

—   Mike Pehanich


Attractant aside, you also want the tantalizing, wiggling tail action that the Impulse Ribbon Worm delivers in a jig-worm combination.

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