New Product – Nories NF60 Frog

New Product – Nories NF60 Frog

Aug 19, 2012

New Frogs from Nories: NF60

Norio Tanabe is a pioneer in Japanese bass fishing and lure design. For the past two decades, his lures have helped shape the Japanese bass fishing market.

The Nories lure brand he founded makes its formal U.S. market debut in 2012 with a limited product introduction, led by the Nories NF60 Frog, a tapered-nose hollow-bodied frog, and the Nories Ebigaeru, a popping frog.

True to its founder’s reputation, the Nories brand is known for its quality and perfect “out-of-the-box” performance.

The four Nories products marking the brand’s U.S. launch are currently available through Lee’s Global Tackle. (See information and access link at the bottom of this post)

Exclusive SWF video examines the new Nories NF60 Frog


New Product

Nories NF60 Frog

The Nories NF60 frog extends the current crop of “new and improved” hollow-bodied frogs.


With its rounded boat-hull body and skirted legs cradled in an upright dual hook, the bait builds upon the proven model of other popular frogs. But several subtle design modifications provide significant performance benefits.

Most notable is the topside configuration. Front and back side-humps located on the lateral ridges rise above a dimpled back that bottoms out below hook point level. This design facilitates hooksets by exposing at least one of the hook points when the bait is compressed anywhere above the hook points or from behind.

Internal weight adds to casting distance and gives the bait a more natural “head-up” frog profile in the water. A rear drain hole helps to keep it riding high and dry.

The ABS plastic body is suitably supple – soft enough to yield on the bite yet hard enough to maintain bait integrity as it moves through water and cover and to shield the hook points from debris and vegetation.

The soft-skirted legs come in a shorter length than most frogs on the pegboards today – another trait that may contribute to the high hookup ratio we have experienced. (Trim them more to convert the bait’s hopping/chugging action in open water to a walking movement.)  — MP

For more information on Nories products, its Ecogear sister brand, and parent company Marukyu, read The Japanese Connection: Nories/Marukyu, coming July 16, 2012.

Nories products are currently available at Lee’s Global Tackle Connection. Click for access to the Nories NF60 and Nories Ebigaeru frogs


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