New Product – Nories Ebigaeru

New Product – Nories Ebigaeru

Aug 15, 2012

Nories Ebigaeru Popping Frog

Popping frogs may be “sleeper” baits across much of America’s froggin’ waters, but they may not be “sleepers” in Japan! At least not any more!

Marukyu, parent company to the Nories brand of lures, sold out its entire Nories Ebigaeru popping frog supply in Japan before its initial manufacturing run.

The category of “frog baits” is broad, and it has long included baits that resemble rats, mice, and fish as well as our favorite amphibians. But, through its package window, Ebigaeru bears closer resemblance to a shellfish with its beady eyes, segmented body and singular skirted “antenna/leg.”

But don’t let that throw you. The design is all about “action” and “hookups” in places only frog lures dare to roam.

Tanabe claims finding inspiration for the bait in two of his chugging hardbaits, the Zag Bug and the Treju, two Nories topwater baits with, in his words, “large sideways movement and strong popping action”…in other words, a walking popper!

But hardbaits with treble hooks won’t work in heavy cover. In fact, the only category of bait that does work with consistency in wood, grassy areas and thick cover is the hollow body frog! The challenge became one of adapting a frog-style bait to a thin chugger/popper body and coming away with an optimum balance of action, “snaglessness” and hookup capability.

Standard dual hooks for hollow-bodied frogs were too wide for the narrow body Tanabe had in mind, so he custom-designed his own dual hook around the body, retaining the stoutness of the hollow-body frog hook to stand up to hooksets with heavy froggin’ tackle and hauling big fish from heavy cover.

Ebigaeru is an “all terrain” bait, a lure you can cast deep into cover, work over moss and matted vegetation, slide over logs, then work like a popper or in “walk the dog” fashion in open pockets and alleys.

“It’s so versatile, you can use it for all your topwater needs in summer,” he told anglers in a recent video. “It is like a weedless hardbait –

a new type of lure!”

Tanabe also has adjusted rubber lengths in the skirt and the weight of the lure body to maximize castability and performance.

Nories enters the U.S. tackle market with a limited supply of the Ebigaeru and its sister bait, the Nories NF60 hollow-body frog. Both are available through Lee’s Global Tackle.    — Mike Pehanich


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