Tackle & Techniques – Froggin’

Tackle & Techniques – Froggin’

Aug 7, 2012

The Frog Family Tree – an SWF intro to frog fishing

By Mike Pehanich

Frogs may comprise the most fascinating lure category in all of fishing!

The frog family brings drama to fishing: movie star looks (if you count Kermit as a star), tantalizing action, explosive strikes, toe-to-toe battles, and the haunting and enduring images of giant bass loved and lost!

Every few years, it seems, “frog fever” seems to come over the tackle industry resulting in an outbreak of “faux frog” creativity that captures and overwhelms the bass angler’s imagination. Take last year, for instance. At ICAST 2011’s New Products Showcase last July, handsome frogs dominated the lure entries and caused a buzz among attendees. Many of the baits  featured not only artfully rendered – even realistic – finishes but also subtle features that only an experienced frog hand could truly appreciate.

Welcome to Frogland! Bassmaster Elite series bass pro Bobby Lane introduces the frog family in this video, “My Three Frogs”


Over the past two seasons, I have had the privilege of fishing with and/or talking to some of the best “froggers” on the planet, from Dean Rojas and Ish Monroe to Bobby Lane, Marty Stone, Gerald Swindle, and Zell Rowland. SWF will bring their froggin’ expertise to you in features and videos during the 2012 season beginning with our warmup “Froggin’ Special,  featuring instructional videos and features and product profiles, including many of the latest and greatest frogs to hit the market yet, spread over the coming weeks.

Now you might think that a guy who has fished with these ace frogmen would have the final word on how and where to fish a frog. But the truth is that each new froggin’ encounter proves that there’s far more to the game than I ever imagined, and that the angling community is a long ways from understanding just how versatile this bait family can be!

Bass pro Marty Stone spells out the hows, whens and wheres of frog fishing in our frogging special.

The Big Three – plus one

For the record, there are at least four lines of lineage in this bait category, and even as I write this sentence, a couple more borderline candidates are begging for a limb on the family tree as well.

We will focus on the three common categories of frogs: hollow-bellied frogs; poppin’ frogs, and swimmin’ frogs (a.k.a. toads or “buzzfrogs”). (See our video on this page “My Three Frogs” with Bobby Lane – an ideal introduction to our series!)

But we’ll also bring you some froglike hardbaits, too.

Most importantly, we’ll detail how, when and where to use them most effectively with the help of the fishing world’s finest frogmen!

We’ll also provide tackle tips that will help turn countless frustrating strikes into hooked and landed fish.

So grab a frog or even a toad, guys and gals, and join in the dance!

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  1. That’s great that you’re passing on the sport to otrhes , my first try at fly tying was at a class here in KC. Don’t think I would have stuck with it without the help of those involved. Those guys look to be pretty into it and having a great time….Jeff

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