Small reservoir strategies

Small reservoir strategies

Jul 10, 2012

Sizing up a small lake with the “Legend”

by Mike Pehanich

Small reservoirs dot the entire country, and many offer some of the finest bass fishing you will find anywhere.

But how do you figure them out when you’ve never fished them before?


You learn from a “Legend!”

See exclusive SWF video below  as Harold Allen sizes up a small Alabama reservoir.

Post-spawn period is a time when bass transition from relatively shallow spawning areas to areas where they will spend most of the summer. Though he is known as a deep water structure fisherman, Allen thoroughly strained the shallows before moving to the drop-offs. He found bass in both locations.

Harold Allen, nicknamed “the Legend” by his peers, is a 15-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier and widely recognized as one of the pioneers in deep water structure fishing. But when Mike Pehanich’s Small Waters Fishing joined Harold and the folks from Vicious Fishing Lines on a 50-acre lake in central Alabama, the Legend warned that the only way to succeed with deepwater techniques is to apply them within the context of the seasons and surroundings.

Unlike what we are facing across most of the country this season, Allen and I met with late-spawning fish following a cold winter.  Even in May in central Alabama, many of these fish had only spawned recently.

Allen anticipated the lake’s bass to be on a retreat from the spawning grounds with many of them staging near cover or on adjacent breaklines or suspending over those breaklines.

In the accompanying exclusive SWF video, Harold Allen sizes up the new lake – and gives us a glimpse of how he earned his nickname!

 Exclusive Mike Pehanich’s Small Waters Fishing video with Harold Allen! 



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