Tackle & Techniques – Booyah Pad Crasher

Tackle & Techniques – Booyah Pad Crasher

Jun 20, 2012

Why Zell Fell For This Frog!

by Mike Pehanich

Bassmaster Elite pro bass angler Zell Rowland is an acknowledged topwater expert, and a bait that can bring a bass to bite at the surface is sure to win his favor.

Hollow-bodied frogs comprise one of the most challenging categories of baits for lure designers. But salient characteristics of the Pad Crasher from Booyah Bait Co. caught Zell’s eye immediately.

“It’s so much easier to work than other frogs,” he said, noting the ridges and boat hull-like design of the Pad Crasher. “You don’t have to be some kind of frog master to work it.”

Click on this exclusive SWF video with Zell Rowland and the Booyah Pad Crasher



He cast the frog into thick emergent shoreline grass and worked it between the stems on out into open water, demonstrating the ease with which he could hop or walk the frog to make it as enticing as any topwater lure.

Its lifelike appearance is probably its most striking feature. The Pad Crasher is clearly one of the most realistic-looking frogs on the market today.

But make no mistake. Zell likes to frog in the tangles where “handsome” doesn’t always matter!

“With a frog, I always want to fish the thickest cover I can find, whether it be shoreline grass or a mat of hydrilla like you find at Guntersville,” he said as he sized up Sugar Loaf Lake, a small water supply lake near Fort Smith, Arkansas. “Those are areas you want to throw a frog.”

Zell believes a key reason bass fall for frogs is that bass drop their guard in the tangled jungles where frogs thrive.

“These are areas where fish don’t get to see a bait that often because nobody throws them there,” he said. “I am a big believer in putting my bait where I don’t think you threw yours today!”

Stick ‘em!

Zell noted two other standout traits of the Pad Crasher:

1)   It does not take in water, so it stays afloat.

2)   It produces a strong hook-up percentage.

The soft plastic of the Pad Crasher collapses under the slightest pressure, exposing the hook point for easy penetration into a bass’s jaw.

Zell sometimes modifies his frogs by bending the hooks up very slightly to further increase his hook-up ratio.

Any tips for further upping the old batting average?

“When a bass takes the frog down, I drop my rod tip, take about three cranks on my reel and set the hook like I was worm or jig fishing,” he said. “That will help you miss not near as many!”

If a fish that is clearly committed to the bait misses, he throws right back. “Nine times out of 10 you can get him to bite again.”

If that fails, he pitches a bait like a Yum Zellamander Lizard to the telltale opening in the mat. But make no mistake, his first choice in the thick stuff is the frog, and his frog choice today is the Booyah Pad Crasher.

“This is a bait that will allow you to fish places you weren’t able to fish before!!

New Product!

Booyah Pad Crasher

Realism is only part of the appeal of this lifelike fake frog from PRADCO’s Booyah Bait Co.!

The bait features an internal weighting system and a ridged, boat-hull design that facilitates hopping and walk-the-dog action in open water and stays afloat. Soft plastic body yields easily to pressure for easy hook penetration!

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