Tackle & Techniques – Topwater

Tackle & Techniques – Topwater

Jun 15, 2012

Tiny Bubbles Tell a Topwater Tale

By Mike Pehanich

When’s the best time to fish topwater lures?

That’s the question every angler would like answered!

Topwater fishing is visual, explosive, sometimes frustrating, and ever exciting. It also produces more than its share of big fish.

The only trouble is that it often seems to be a boom or bust effort – or an endeavor filled with more disappointment than fish.

So how do you know a good topwater day from a bad one?

Pro bass angler and Vicious Line pro staff member Marty Stone learned to  “follow the bubbles” years ago from an old angler. Work your topwater lure for a few seconds and see if the bubbles your lure creates leave a lasting trail. If so, it might be worth working those walking baits and poppers and frogs.

Does it work? Marty believes so, and so do other pros I’ve met in my travels.

Watch this exclusive Small Waters Fishing video, and maybe you, too, will follow the bubble trail!



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  1. fishing with artifical craw fish?i have never fiehsd with artificial crawfish. i have used live ones though. i have watched tv shows that showed the fisherman was tearing up the bass with craw fish lures and i was in bass pro shop and they demonstrated the lure and the bass wouldn’t even leave it alone. my question is what do yall think is the best way to fish the crawfish lure. oh yea..i picked up a bass pro shop weedless football jig to go with it. that is what the guy at bass pro was using a few week ago so i picked it up. if any of yall have any tips or techniques that would help me out. i am going to a river that is supposed to have a lot of lilly pads and grass cover if that changes the techniques any. thanks and good fishin

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