Reflections on Big Water Fishing

Reflections on Big Water Fishing

Feb 15, 2012

Save a Fish, Save Your Life: View Balog’s Boat Tips for Big Waters

By Mike Pehanich

Why is Mike Pehanich’s Small Waters Fishing covering boat tips for Great Lakes boaters and bass anglers?

To keep you fishing, to keep you safe, and perhaps even save your life!

Many of our readers fish big waters as well as small. Many readers also aspire to bigger boats and big water angling.

These videos are for you – and for your big water buddies.

Over the past four seasons, I’ve spent quality time on the water with Great Lakes smallmouth expert Joe Balog, biologist and tournament pro, whose home waters are the BIG waters of Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair.

I’ve captured some of Joe’s best tips in the four videos appearing on today’s Watercraft post:

  • Big Water Boat Control Tip – Joe Balog
  • Playing the Wind – lure and trolling motor tips
  • Gear Storage and Emergency Radio – Joe Balog
  • Boat Preparation for the Great Lakes with Joe Balog

More of Joe’s tips are yet to come.

Balog’s attention to every detail of boat preparation, safety and boat control on big water is relentless. (And if there’s someone who knows these topics better, he likely learned most of what he knows from Joe!) His Ranger Z521 may be the best prepared bass boat on the Great Lakes.

Bass love him, too

What’s more, Balog has made art and science of keeping bass alive and lively in the livewell – no small feat during punishing runs back to the weigh-in station in eight-foot waves! Coming soon will be Joe’s advice on livewell care. How good is it? Joe hasn’t had a “dead fish” penalty in a Great Lakes tournament — or any other tournament — in over 10 years!

I had other plans for magazine features built around Joe’s Big Water Boat Tips, but they will have to wait for now. This information is just too important to hoard.

If you bass fish big waters, you need to use this late winter and early spring latency period to get your act together for this coming season.

Study these videos before you set your boat out on big waters this season.  Take the steps necessary to fish effectively and to fish safely throughout the season and for many seasons to come.

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