Outfit Matches & Misfits – Introduction


Outfit Matches & Misfits/Getting Started Section

In Outfit Matches and Misfits (“Outfit Misfits,” for short), we identify the most common mistakes anglers make in matching rod, reel and line to any given fishing technique.

But how about the guy who cares not a wit about technique or even what species of fish bites their bait but just wants to “catch a few fish?”

What about the guy who caught a few fish during his youth and now finds himself boasting about his once-upon-a-time fishing prowess? Who wants to create a mushroom cloud of hope over the youngsters he promises to take fishing, then become a blunderbuss of angling mishap in front of the youngsters he so wants to impress?

And what if you are a “first timer” or relatively inexperienced angler who comes to fishing with great expectations of partaking of nature’s bounty, having fun and catching fish but more often than not gets tangled, confused, wearied, angered, confounded, frustrated and convinced that this is the dumbest endeavor a human being could undertake?

What can Outfit Misfits do for you?

 A lot!

But we will take it in stages.

Click here to read our Getting Started 101 Feature – Hook, Line, Sinker &….Bobber.

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