Lipless crankbaits Jackall

Lipless crankbaits Jackall

Feb 4, 2012

Lipless crankbaits that will leave you speechless!

Seiji Kato, Ty Ono and the rest of the Jackall team leave few details and opportunities unexplored when it comes to lure design. 

Two of Jackall’s lipless crankbaits fill important tackle box niches for the serious bass fisherman.

The Jackall Mask Vib70 has two unique features: 1) it is silent; 2) it possesses a soft elastomer body that fish hang onto longer. At times, this change-of-pace lure will put fish in the boat when nothing else will.

Jackall Mask Vib 70 – It’s a hardbait. It’s a soft bait. It’s both. The Mask Vib70 is a hybrid lipless crankbait with a heavy nose, elastomer body and titanium wire running through the body to the rear treble hook. What’s more, this is a silent lipless bait. Yep, no rattles! True, many find it hard to understand a “rattlebait” without

rattles, but silent lipless crankbaits have been secret weapons of top pros for years. They can be particularly deadly on pressured fish! Another thing…bass seem to really choke these baits down, perhaps because of the soft feel of the elastomer. Not many bumps and misses!



Small Waters editor Mike Pehanich began fishing the Jackall Mask Vib over the tops of vegetation on small natural lakes in the upper Midwest in early spring. This five-pounder set the tone for the season. Later, recovering post-spawn fish positioned around clumps of vegetation on shallow to mid-depth flats hit it avidly!



Nose down performer

Fishing lipless crankbaits over stumps and vegetation can be deadly. But most anglers get frustrated with hangups and abandon the baits in such conditions in favor of something a little more “snag-free.” The tungsten nose on the TN60 and TN70 rides nose-down to work more effectively in the tangles than your average rattle bait. (See Small Waters Outfit Misfits for additional tackle tips for working crankbaits in and around cover.








Jackall TN 60 and TN70 – The tungsten nose enables this rattling bait to run nose down, which gives it a distinct advantage over other lipless crankbaits when you’re trying to tick the tops of vegetation or you’re bumping’ stumps. But it’s a versatile and deadly bait wherever you employ it. Work it fast, slow, lift and drop, or stop and go. It’s a consistent producer wherever it’s employed.




See our Tackle Corner profile on the Jackall team along with new products for 2012!




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