Pond Hopping – Bass University

Pond Hopping – Bass University

Feb 1, 2012

Back to School at Bass University

“Mild weather” translates as “weak ice” in much of the upper Midwest this winter.  Ice fishing is iffy. No open water. The worst of both worlds!

You might as well go back to school!

So, a la Rodney Dangerfield, that’s what I did.

I met up with Mike Iaconelli and Pete Gluszek this past weekend at Bass University, their winter road show for serious bass anglers. In its second year, Bass U brings top pros to a closed seminar and discussion format to delve deep into the details of successful bass fishing.

Bass U teamed with the new Chicago Outdoor Sportsmen Show this year at the Donald E. Stevens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill., and both seemed to benefit from the alliance.

Uh-ooh. What did Ike do now? Elite Series pros Mike Iaconelli, Kevin Short and Ott Defoe field questions at Bass University, held in Rosemont, Illinois January 28-29.

Joining Ike and Pete were Kevin Short, Fred Roumbanis, Randy Howell and Ott Defoe to cover topics ranging from river fishing to crankin’, jiggin’, working topwater baits, power finesse fishing and more.  (Bass U has three more stops this winter in Worcester, Mass.; Oaks, Pa.; Suffern, N.Y.; and Orange Beach, Ala.  The speaker lineups vary with the venue. Check out www.thebassuniversity.com )



Small waters evangelists

By the way, Bass U has a special program for young anglers affiliated with high school and college bass fishing teams. I don’t know how many notes these guys take in their regular classrooms, but they were draining the inkwells at Bass U!

Ike spent the formative years of his career on nondescript local waters ranging from small natural lakes to millponds and quarries.

Bass University "professor" Mike Iaconelli (above) teamed with fellow New Jersey angler Pete Gluszek to take the bass fishing lessons of the pros on the road.

Our first “small waters” discussion dates back to 2007 – well before he launched the City Limits television series. He and I have revisited the topic many times since.

See how Ike solved the bass puzzle on several South Carolina sand pits (Post-Spawn Sand Pit Bass). And stay tuned to upcoming Small Waters Fishing features and videos in which he and other top pros size up small waters across the country!

Bass U’s M.C. ,Bill Decoteau, called me to the dais to talk fishing before the Sunday afternoon session. I preached the small waters gospel: use small and close-to-home waters whenever you can to practice new techniques, try new strategies, to test new lures, and to bring new anglers into the fold… And, oh yes, to find some of the best fishing you never knew you had!

In the coming days, we’ll post lessons from Bass University and tail them to small waters angling.

Keep fishing!

— Mike Pehanich


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